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Welcome to the world of 3D sound

3D sound, also known as binaural sound, is a form of sound that creates a sensation in which it feels like the listener is actually in the room of the artist or music player. Ideal for when you want to record a live performance or experience. Check out the 3D experience of filmmaker Ash Taylor on the right.

3D sound articles

The possibilities of 3D sound

The latest news on binaural audio. We share the most inspiring 3D sound ideas, binaural beats and other articles every week.

Concert live recording

Would you like to experience your concert or performance as if you were in the audience? With the binaural microphone you can literally hear everything in the way your visitors do.

Podcasts and radio plays

Record a podcast where your listener sits at your table? A binaural microphone provides the listener with spatial insight.

Record noise pollution

Do you want to let your neighbors know how their noise sounds in your living room? Binaural recordings are perfect for that.

A microphone with ears

A new way of recording audio

Silicone ear cups around the two highly sensitive microphones ensure a realistic recording. All of these surfaces are important to consider when thinking about how sound waves travel and bounce off parts of the human body before they actually reach the eardrum.

How it sounds

Experience yourself

The trade magazine The Verge recently published an article on binaural recording techniques. In a video they show the technology and the applications well and they do a nice test in the middle of New York. They use a 3Dio binaural microphone.

You can read The Verge‘s full article and watch their bonus video with more city scape material.  

Want to try for yourself?

Rent a 3D microphone

Are you interested in a binaural 3D microphone? You can purchase the 3Dio Free Space from the official 3Dio website. Do you want to use the microphone for a project or try it out? Our 3D microphone is for rent for a minimum of €65,-